Download YouTube Music (MOD, Premium/Background Play)V3.83.55

YouTube Music

(MOD, Premium/Background Play)V3.83.55

Mod info

-An audition works in the background
-No advertisement
-Working mode “Audio Only”
-Ability to choose audio quality
-Is connected from Google services (non-root)

Installation Instructions

– Install microG,
– Install YTM of your architecture,
– Log in to your account.
– Use ExpressVPN and connect to the US or Korean IP to use (

Alternative choice!

YT Player is a clone mod version of Youtube Music, the same feature but completely unlocking all countries and without ads.

Nowadays, YouTube is no longer a day for watching videos, it’s also a place that users can use to listen to music. That’s true because there is a lot of song content that is uploaded to this platform that doesn’t appear anywhere else. It can be said, YouTube Music is one of the applications built on a gold mine. YouTube’s operators are completely aware of this, so they make their apps unique and satisfying. Since its inception back in 2015, it has undergone huge transformations. By 2021, this success continues to bring a lot of love from users for this application.

Produced as a real music application

Because up until now, when you mentioned YouTube, you immediately thought of watching videos. This means that when you are listening to the music above, a video will also be played along with it. This is more and more absurd when a lot of people just have the need to listen to music, not the need to watch videos. It also causes a lot of inconveniences when the device’s screen stays active when you don’t need it. First, it causes battery drain, an unnecessary waste. In addition, when the phone opens the screen, personal information will be easily revealed if you are negligent. Or, you can easily touch the screen and turn on unwanted features

In general, YouTube Music is a perfect application for listening to music. Because your playlist will be listed just like a normal music play app. However, its source comes from YouTube. That is, the music that you listen to will be taken directly on the YouTube platform and used in this application. When you upgrade the app to the premium pack, you will listen to music in the background. You will be allowed to turn off the screen while listening to music. This feature is extremely essential for music enthusiasts.

Music streaming brings the latest hits from your favorite artists

YouTube Music just like a streaming app. You can subscribe to the stream of your favorite artists. Every time they stream, you’ll get a notification and then go on and enjoy the content you like. Thanks to direct copyright registration with YouTube, artists stream unique and engaging content on this platform. This means that what you see above this application will not appear in any other application anymore.

The users can find any song they want

It is true that a lot of the tracks have been released on Youtube, but no facade any foundation at all, including the platform as Spotify or Apple music. For example, a very hot song at the moment, the original of it will probably be released everywhere. However, the covers only appear on YouTube. One complication is that people with fixed musical tastes like to listen to cover songs like this. A rock-covered pop song is rarely released officially on major music websites. YouTube is offering this for free, so “YouTube Music” meets the needs of many music lovers ever.

You can also discover new songs based on what you have heard

More and more, YouTube pictures are loved by many people because the recommendations are too good. Leaving aside your music history being tracked and analyzed, the app does a great job of giving listeners works that match their interests. This is also accepted by many people so there is nothing special for you to care about. However, thanks to this, many people have found artists they have never heard of.

In the most updated version, the new Discover Mix will allow users to personalize their playlist. Meaning that what you heard before will be archived and studied. Of course, within a week there will be changes in your musical taste. Music that you listen to for the first time in a week, or you get bored with what you’ve heard before. So every Wednesday there will be a change in this playlist. Always innovating and optimizing the experience is the way “YouTube Music” is working right now.

Download YouTube Music (MOD, Premium/Background Play)


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