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  • Premium Cracked, Unlimited Watching Screen, No Account Required
  • 4K Quality, HDR, Support Tablet, TV
  • Completely free, no ads, no banner
  • ** The official Netflix application cannot be modified, and I think you are smart enough to understand how secure Netflix is! Here, I used another movie player to modify it into Netflix, everything to be like Netflix. Of course, it has all the movies that Netflix has, including subtitles. Hope you will be fine with this application
  • ** Special thanks to Stabiron, Balatan … for quality mods


  • [ALL SV] To select the subtitle for the movie, go to “Setting -> Choose Primary Subtitle”, then select the subtitle language you want to display.
  • [ALL SV] If you do not find the link to watch the movie, please try again with a mobile network or a VPN (You can use VPN for free with ExpressVPN or Hotspot Shield)
  • [ALL SV] If you want to synchronize the movie-watching process, please log in Trakt
  • [ALL SV] We update the new version weekly with a lot of new movies, new links of higher quality. Please visit weekly to upgrade to the new version
  • [SV3] Server with a lot of Bollywood and Hollywood movies

Which TV channel is rated as the best? Netflix will certainly be in the answer of the majority of users around the world. This is a premium channel to watch movies but it always gives a really good experience for users. With the current trend, Android users can also watch Netflix on their devices without any difficulty. Actually this is one of the offers of the publisher for its customers.

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The channel with the FULL hottest content

This is exactly what the user is always looking for in a movie app. Want to see an exclusive TV show or movie that’s not shown on free websites? Definitely have to go to Netflix to see it. The content shown here is unique, new and most sought after by many people. As a result, with just one account, users can enjoy many premium contents at a much cheaper price. Moreover, you are also allowed to view them anywhere, as long as there is an internet connection.

Enjoy Netflix Everywhere

Really, a Netflix-equipped smartphone is one of the top-notch devices right now. If you have the application installed, have an internet connection, and have paid a monthly fee, you can enjoy entertainment anywhere. Drama series are shown regularly on this platform, so users do not worry about being bored. For example, watching a bad movie on TV and having to go out. During the time sitting on the bus, the next episodes can still be viewed on smartphones.

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This is also a nifty feature of the platform. One of your accounts can allow 5 people to view. Each such profile is personalized based on the experience of the viewer working on it. As long as you are watching by which profile, when logged into the right place, the movies you are watching unfinished will show up on the top. Just touch it and you can enjoy it. In addition, next to it will display more attractive suggestions with the same topic.

The movie is divided into many detailed topics for you to choose from

Another feature of Netflix is ​​that it has a different filter system from other movie viewing platforms. It’s divided into more detailed categories, making it easy for you to find. Recommendations on the homepage are all based on the movies you have seen before. Usually, you will see popular on the Netflix list first. These are the movies that are most interested in. It keeps you up with the times and offers massively popular experiences. Below will be divided into genres such as Drama, Action & Adventure, Critically Acclaimed Films, … just scroll down enough and you will see what you want.

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Constantly updated with the latest content

Movies that are uploaded on Netflix are enormous. With that said, content that you cannot find anywhere is viewable on the platform. The hottest movies of 2020 are posted regularly to keep up with the world’s trends. In addition, these Netflix Originals are the most unique specialties. You can only enjoy them on this platform only. Too Hot To Handle, Anne With An E, The Umbrella Academy, … are all highly rated shows. Quickly open them and enjoy them. In addition, animated films are also receiving a lot of attention. You can also watch the latest Anime episodes on Netflix as well.

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Download movies to your device and watch without an internet connection

Movies shown on this platform are often very hot and have high views. Therefore, often producers like to stretch the episodes to attract more viewers. Viewers also want their favorite movies to continue to release new episodes. If they like the episodes they will be downloaded to the device to watch again when there is no internet. A newly added feature is that you can watch movies while downloading. Previously, while downloading, you could not continue to see what you are working on. Now, you can do two things together. This feature is extremely beneficial for those who need to watch movies continuously and have a weak internet connection.

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For example, you are watching an extremely hot show but cannot watch when the connection is weak. Download the episode first while the internet is going strong. Watching a preloaded movie will have no interruptions due to lagging and when you finish watching that episode, the next episode will be downloaded. Really handy!

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Movie recommendations based on the region you live in

Another feature is movie recommendations based on your region. Asians often enjoy watching great K-dramas. Netflix knows this will recommend the best movies, reality TV shows that are having the highest rating. In addition, Netflix Originals also has many popular K-dramas such as Doctor Stranger, Record of Youth, #Alive, … They promise to bring the best experience for viewers. This is the same in other regions. Originals are produced jointly with many famous brands from many different regions. This ensures that it will be loved across many different countries.

Download Netflix (MOD, Premium/4K/All Region)


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