5 Ways To Arrange A Bedroom To Be Spacious

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A spacious and clean room with the right arrangement of furniture or room furniture adds to the room space's comfort. For that, it is very important in arranging the room space so that it is tidier and looks wider. The room is as big as any size, if you arrange the furniture in the wrong room, it will make the room look cramped and cramped.

Arranging the bedroom space is quite easy but requires accuracy so as not to repeat the arrangement of the room and can also see the design drawings of the bedroom to make it easier to organize.

How To Arrange A Bedroom To Be Spacious

Here's How to Arrange a Bedroom Space to Be Spacious as your stage in making it easier to organize the room. The following are the tips as quoted from Houzz by wolipop.detik.com.

1. The 'hidden' wardrobe

For those of you who are single or already have a partner and occupy a small room, sometimes it can be difficult to store clothes or other equipment because there is no space left. Spoken by interior designer Shane Inman from The Inman Company, try the trick by placing a hidden wardrobe that blends in with the bunk bed.

How to Arrange a 3 × 3 Size Bedroom

As for the arrangement of the furniture, you can outsmart it by placing a table and lamps that are 'taped' to the wall so that the bedroom does not feel 'full'. To complement the interior of the room, choosing a transparent chair can also be an option.

2. Create Customized Shelves

Creating a storage rack that can be adjusted to your liking helps you store things tidily while making your room feel empty because storage is only focused on one side. Also, place the bed in the middle of the shelf so that there is still room left for activities.

Bedroom Wall Shelf
“If you want to create a customized shelf for a small bedroom, try making it high up to the ceiling to make the room look taller. And paint the walls in a contrasting color to create a deep color illusion, ”says Shane.

3. Glass Cabinet

Using glass on cupboard doors to make the illusion of a room look bigger is one of the many tricks that have been applied to make bedrooms look big. The resulting effect is quite maximal, especially if the glass is placed in one full section.

Bedroom With Glass Cabinet
4. Painting the ceiling

Try painting the ceiling in the same color tones as the walls. It can erase any shadow lines that visually define a room. If a wall has a white ceiling, you can almost feel the size of the room. However, if the walls and ceiling are painted in a matching color, it is difficult for the eye to guess the room's size so that the room looks bigger.

5. Furniture placement

A nightstand or a small table placed on the side of the bed can sometimes make a room feel cramped. To outsmart, choose furniture such as tables and small lamps attached to the wall. The sticky table on the side of the bed can give the impression of a wider and bigger room as well as function to put your equipment such as cellphones, books, or other items.
How to Arrange a Minimalist Bedroom
How to Arrange a 3 × 4 Bedroom
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