This is the cause of the big breast next door

Big breasts are common to happen and almost all women in the world experience them. However, you still have to pay attention to the difference in size carefully. The reason is, in some cases, one large breast can be a sign of certain diseases.

More than 50% of women in the world have large breasts next door. The left breast generally looks bigger than the right breast. The difference in size between the two can be as high as around 20%.

Various Causes of Next Big Breasts

Various things can cause large breasts next door. The following are among them:

Breast development in adolescence
When women enter puberty, breasts begin to grow. Not infrequently the development of the left and right breasts has differences so that the shape or size of the breasts looks different.

This condition is classified as normal and should not be worried about because,, over time, the size or shape of the breasts can become the same. However, if your breasts still appear different after 16 years of age or near the end of puberty, you will likely have one large breast in adulthood.

At the beginning of the menstrual cycle, some women may feel changes in the breasts, including the large one-sided breast. The influence of breast development in adolescence will be more pronounced during menstruation.

This is normal because,, during menstruation, the mammary glands will become swollen due to hormonal changes.

Breastfeeding habits
Breastfeeding habits can also cause one-sided large breasts. You are advised to use the two breasts alternately while breastfeeding so that one-sided breasts do not occur.

Apart from these three things, other things that can also cause one-sided large breasts are the anatomical position of the breasts that are not parallel, hormonal changes, genetic or hereditary factors, and the effects of pregnancy. If caused by these things, then you also don't need to worry.

However, if the breast size is very different between the right and the left, you should be more vigilant. A study states that women who experience this have a greater risk of developing breast cancer.

Besides, you also need to be vigilant if you experience a sudden change in breast size or one-sided breasts. Because this condition can be a sign of breast cysts or breast cancer.

Large breasts are common, but you are still advised to consult a doctor if you feel a significant change in breast size and shape.

The doctor will do further tests and may recommend a mammography test or breast ultrasound to determine the cause of the large breast next to you.

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