Resident Evil 4 PS 2 Cheat Complete

Resident Evil 4 cheat or in Japan known as Biohazard 4 is a game with the survival genre developed and published by Capcom. This game has lots of versions, but what we will discuss this time is version 4.

Resident Evil 4 is one of the best horror games available on Playstation 2. In this game, you will play a police character named Leon S Kennedy who gets a mission from the President of the United States to save his daughter who is being held hostage by an unknown person.

Tips & Trik Resident Evil 4 PS 2

For those of you who have difficulty facing enemies on a very strong journey, maybe the following tips will make it easier to beat them.

Easily kill Salazar's right hand: Freeze it with Nitrogen Gas then shoot it with the Rocket Launcher, after which you will get a Jewel Crown.

Killing Salazar: When the new battle begins, run to the far right then shoot the tentacle until it enters with the Shotgun. Then shoot the yellow eyes at the enemy and Salazar will appear. A ROCKET LAUNCHER shot straight at Salazar's head. The money that Salazar drops will pay your ROCKET LAUNCHER.

Kill the Saddler: Throw the Grenade at the Saddler then run towards it and press the exit button. Do this 7-8 times then you will give ROCKET LAUNCHER. This shot to Saddler.

Getting a PRL 471 weapon: You must complete the professional mode mission. If you have, you will get the weapon for free from Merchandise. To make the name very easy, you just have to choose costume 2, where Leon wears gangster clothes and Ashley wears a steel costume. so you don't need to be confused thinking about Ashley's safety because enemy attacks won't work and if you kidnap it must be heavy. Ashley can also be made bait so that the enemy is busy attacking him so you can shoot easily.

Obtaining Hand Cannon: Finish Mercenaries with 5 stars in 4 locations with all characters. Leon, Ada, Krauser, Hunk, and Wesker.

Ammo Saving Tips / Bullets: Shoot the zombie's head until it looks like it is twitching, then approach it until there is a "KICK" command or kick. Approach the fallen zombie and slice it with a knife.

Tips for running then turning around quickly: press the PS2 stick downward while squeezing the box, then shoot again.

Unlock all characters in Mercenaries: play Leon in Castile aggressively, don't be afraid of the ammo runs out, because there are many on the way. Get 4 stars in a castle so you can get the jack Krauser character, use the Krauser to unlock all the characters in the mercenaries because Krauser is the best for that.

Tips for Many Points in the Mini Mercenaries Game: There is a box in the form of a treasure box that contains Time Glass. This Time Glass is not for extra time but for Bonus Points. when you take the Time Glass you have 30 seconds to kill as many enemies as possible, because in 30 seconds the points will be multiplied by 1000 X. So just adjust so that the enemy becomes a lot and gathers then take the time glass and use the deadliest weapon you have.

Latest Resident Evil 4 PS 2 Cheat Password

Full Health / DragPress R1, R2, L1, L2, X, X, Triangle
Unlimited bulletsPress X, R2, R2, L1, L2, R1
Beating / BeatingPress L1 + R1 then press X
Ammo 999Press R1 + R2 then press R3 + L3
Note: This cheat can only be used on the latest tapes where Leon and Ashley are holding on.

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